Below are links to timely information of general interest to brain injury professionals.

‘Antifreeze’ molecules may hold key to better treatments for brain injury

UC researchers receive grant to study blood clotting mechanism in traumatic brain injury

Researchers find elevated biomarkers of brain injury after high-acceleration head impacts

Increased helmet use in alpine sports fails to reduce risk of traumatic brain injury

Local Concussion Study Publishes More Promising Results

BCH Plans to Partner with Ernest Health on Rehab Hospital in Lafayette

Giving Birth Multiple Times Has Impact on Stroke Recovery, Study Shows

Does Brain Training Really Work or is It Just the Placebo Effect?

Quick Cooling Thermosuit May Prevent Brain Damage in Stroke Patients

Insomnia Drug May Help Patients with Disorders of Consciousness, Movement

‘Into the Gray Zone’ Details Journey to Tap into Consciousness of Vegetative Patients

Association Wants Nova Scotia to Address Strategy on Acquired Brain Injury Faster

Timing of PEG Placement Related to Mortality In Traumatic Brain Injury

The Earliest Signs of Brain Damage in Athletes? Listen for Them

Marcus Foundation Donates $38M to Launch Brain Institute for Veterans

New Technology from Department of Veterans Affairs Competition to Help Veterans with Brain Injuries

TBI Study Shows Brain Training May Be Viable Intervention for Skill Deficits Associated With Brain Injury

Microsoft Co-founder Gives Penn $9.25M Grant to Study Concussions

Could a Simple Injection Reduce Stroke Brain Damage?

Specialist Rehab Wards Key to Recovery of Stroke Victims, UAE Doctors Say

Concussions Drop in High School Football with New Techniques

A New Study Reveals A New Way The Brain Alerts The Body When It Is Injured

Lithium May Save Nerve Cells After Brain Injury

Saliva Biomarkers May Help Predict Concussion Symptom Duration in Children

Brain Injury Causes Impulse Control Issues in Rats: UBC Study

Brain Injuries Can Make People More Religious: Scientists Discover Lesions Linked to Spiritual Belief and Extremism

Robot Designed to Improve Attention in People with Acquired Brain Injury

Concussive Blast Mild TBI Symptoms May Worsen Over Time

Specialists Discuss the Dangers of Concussions at Special Panel Event

Baby Deaths Cluster: Trust Paid Out Millions in Compensation

ECU Studying Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians

Can a Cannabis-Based Pill Help Treat Concussions?

Breast Milk Appears to Aid White Matter Microstructural Organization in Preemies

Circadian Body Temp Linked to Consciousness After Brain Injury

Researchers Move Forward with Biomarker Test to Uncover Babies’ Brain Injury

Researchers to Test Effectiveness of Wristwatch-Like Devices for Detecting Sleep Apnea in TBI Patients

New Data Shows Snoring Kids Face Higher Medical Risks

Study Finds Traumatic Brain Injury is Prevalent in Soccer

How A ‘Wine Cooler’ Vest Can Save Babies from Brain Damage: Newborns Starved of Oxygen at Birth Can Be Helped with Groundbreaking Device

Worldwide Survey Finds 16 Percent Rate of Acute Neurological Conditions in Critically Ill Children

NFL Legend Tackles Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) with help from Cannabidiol (CBD)

Roslyn Heights Dad Developing Cannabis-based Meds

Soon a Blood Test Will Help Detect Brain Injury in Infants

In Traumatic Brain Injury, White Matter Diffusivity May Predict Long Term Outcomes

Neural Analytics Scores $10M for Portable Brain Monitoring System

Weather-Forecast Tool Adapted to Evaluate Brain Health of Oxygen-Deprived Newborns

University of Miami’s Miami Project Successfully Completes SCI Clinical Trial

Warfarin Therapy Following Brain Hemorrhage

UA Looking for Participants for Studies on Head Injuries

AU Doctors Developing Portable Ultrasound

Why we Can’t Ignore the Silent Epidemic of Traumatic Brain Injury in Prisons

‘Master Genes’ May Explain Why Some NFL Players Develop Brain Diseases

In First, a Patient with CTE but No Brain Injury

Artificial Intelligence Aids Scientists in Uncovering Hallmarks of Mystery Concussion

New Ways to Track Football Impact on Human Brain

Concussion Rates Are Rising Among U.S. Youth

How Many Fingers? Identifying Minor Traumatic Brain Injuries

Are We Waiting for a Player to be Killed? Why FIFA Has Got to Ban Heading

Head Injuries Can Alter Hundreds of Genes, Lead to Serious Brain Diseases

Cognitive Testing Tool Used to Assess Traumatic Brain Injuries in Summit County

Researchers See R.I. Stroke Victim as Pioneer in Brain Injury Treatment

Study Tracks Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury

ISU Seeks Feedback to Improve Traumatic Brain Injury Service in Idaho

PFA Faces Pressure to Fund Dementia Research as Details Emerge of Study into Footballers’ Brain Formation

BIBA Introduce Hand Held Scanners to Detect Brain Bleeds

Concussions In Football: How A New Blood Test Could Change The NFL, CTE Fight

Researchers Lose Their Chance to Study Concussion in AFL Women’s

Brain Bleed Scanners to be Introduced at Boxing Matches in Wake of Mike Towell’s Death

Legendary QB Joe Namath Received Groundbreaking Brain Treatments at Jupiter Medical Center

Dartmouth Student’s Yoga Program Helps Injured Brains Heal

Soccer: Heading the Ball Linked to Concussion Symptoms

UCLA Will Lead International Study of Epilepsy after Traumatic Brain Injuries

Taunton Law Firm Clarke Willmott Sponsors Programme to Close Brain Injury Treatment Gap in Bangladesh

Will a Test for Brain Trauma Protect NFL Players—or End the NFL?

Cell Smasher

Children’s Concussion Can Cause Vision and Learning Problems, UAB Researchers Say

Ft. Riley Study Aims to Develop Treatments for Brain Injuries

Aerobic Exercise Shows Promise for Treatment of Wounded Warriors with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Children with Concussions Respond Inadequately to Changes in Pitch

Brain Mapping May Predict Risk of Disabilities in Premature Infants

Omega-3 Might Reduce Stroke-like Brain Damage

Neural Analytics Receives CE Mark for the Lucid System, a Next Generation, Portable Brain Monitoring Device

New Advances in Traumatic Brain Injury

Brain Institute Has UVA Well-Positioned in Hot Field of Neuroscience

Brain Cell Powerhouses Appear Good Treatment Target for Stroke, TBI Recovery

Brain Protein May Predict Recovery Time after Concussion

Traumatic Brain Injury Associated with Incarceration

Sleep Is Key to TBI Recovery

Brain-injury Deaths in High School Football Players Rising

Expert: Football Helmets May Be a Safety Risk for Young Players

VCU School of Medicine Physician Edits Brain Injury Journal Dedicated to Concussion Research

Concussions on the Brain: Pushing for More Research on Women

Canadian-made Blood Test for Concussions Could Radically Simplify Diagnosis

Brain Wave: Using Sound to Diagnose Concussion

Senators Peters, Perdue Introduce No Heroes Left Untreated Act

Clemson Study Focuses on Improving Facemasks to Reduce Football Brain Injuries

UVA Researchers Believe They Discovered Powerful Brain Defenders

Samsung’s Latest Recall Poses Risk of Traumatic Brain Injury

State Stands Behind Medicaid Cuts For Disabled Children–For Now

Passion for Treating Brain, Spine Injuries Leads Local Doctor to Great Heights

Elite Racer Turned Orthopedic Surgeon to Conduct Extensive Concussion and Injury Study Among Pro, Amateur Cyclists

Exercise Benefits Brain Injuries

How Brain Tissue Recovers After Injury: The Role of Astrocytes

Obama Inks US Law Funding Cancer Research

Banner Health Joins TGen to Create Test to Diagnose Concussions

Research Leads to Changes in Concussion Education

Massive Youth Athlete Concussion Study Launched in Texas

Patients Left Blind Through Devastating Brain Injuries Are Able to See Again After Undergoing Routine Eye Surgery

Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors Have a New Home

Doctors Develop New Procedure to Fight CTE in Athletes with Promising Results

TBI Therapy Set to Take a Major Role in the Growing Concussion Treatment Industry

Full Enrollment Reached in Tactile Communication and Neurorehabilitation Laboratory Clinical Trial

Dwork Named to Lead Brain Injury Association’s Board of Massachusetts

International Consortium of Complement Experts Receives €1.3 mn Grant to Study Role of MASP-2 & lectin Pathway in TBI

Helius Medical Technologies and HealthTech Connex Announce Preliminary Research Results

Traumatic Brain Injury Therapeutics Market Snapshot by 2026 – Persistence Market Research

New Way to Detect Brain Injury in NFL Players?

Women’s Brains Needed for Concussion Research

Researchers Find Potential Therapy for Brain Swelling During Concussion

What a Concussion Feels Like from the Inside

Maple Manor of Novi Opens Brain and Spinal Injury Wing

Brain Abnormalities Linked To Head Impacts After Just One Season Of High School Football

Fish Oil Could Help Clear Amyloid β Peptides Via Glymphatic System

Stem Cell Therapy Appears to Have Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment Effect

Ischemic Stroke Risk Linked to Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Independent of Other Factors

How Did Kevin Turner’s Football-Induced Brain Disease Look Like ALS?

Brain Damage in MMA: How Much is Too Much?

Heading A Football Causes Instant Changes To Brain

New Brain Injury Premises Officially Opened in Rednal

Beware Car Insurance Benefit Cuts

Walking Wounded: The NHL’s Silent Assassin

New Concussion Assessment Having an Impact in Local High Schools

Liverpool Brain Injury Hospital Rated ‘Outstanding’

Redskins’ CB Josh Norman Being Evaluated for Brain Injury

New Grants Explore Role of Brain’s “Garbage Truck” in Mini-Strokes and Trauma

Brain Rehabilitation Via a Mobile App?

Brain Injury: Scientist Reveals Impact of Imperial’s Research on Patients’ Lives

Amphetamine Helped Brain Damaged Rats Regain Function

You Only Have One Brain: University of Regina Tackles Concussion Research

Woodpecker-Inspired Football Helmet to Curb Concussion

NFL Pledging $100 Million More to Address Brain Injuries

New Research Could Help Diabetics, Those Suffering from Brain Damage

UTHealth Receives $6.8 Million from DOD to Study Stem Cell Therapy for TBI

A Quarter of Americans Have Had a Concussion, and We’re Still Far from Understanding its Consequences

Traumatic Brain Injury: FDA Research and Actions

Monkey Study Reveals Zika Damage in Developing Brain

Cleveland Clinic Tracks Brain Health in UFC Fighters

Football is Not the Only Sport We Should be Worried About

Prehistoric Skull Surgery Could Help Prevent Half of Brain Injury Deaths, Study Suggests

Patients with Brain Injuries Face Two-year Wait for Rehabilitation Access

vasopharm Announces Enrolment of First Patient in Phase III Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Trial

Veterans Not Evaluated Properly for Traumatic Brain Injuries

Partial Skull Removal Can Save Lives After Injury

Phoenix Study Shows Increased Teen Awareness of Brain Injury

Even Mild Brain Injury During Childhood May Up Psychiatric Illness

Cerebral Palsy Hope: Melbourne Stem Cell Newborn Brain Injury Trial Plan

Harry Kerasidis MD Presents “Brain Mapping” Concussions at IOP World Congress

ASU Study Examines Brain Injuries in Vets Looking to Assimilate Into Civilian Life

Stem Cell Therapy Heals Injured Mouse Brain

FDA Allows Marketing of First-of-Kind Computerized Cognitive Tests to Help Assess Cognitive Skills After a Head Injury

York Brain Injury Care Centre Aiming to Grow

Groundbreaking Research Links Veterans’ Brain Damage to Battlefield Blasts

New Concussion Protocol for Windsor Minor Football League

Experts talk concussions at annual See the Line conference

Concussion Safety for Football Season

Eye Test Screens for Traumatic Brain Injury, Concussion

Injury-trauma Link Under Microscope at Notre Dame

What Depression Really Looks Like

Brain Injury Expert Begins Role as Interim Director of the Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science

University of Limerick Research Survey Highlights Lack of Uniformity in Wheelchair Provision Across Ireland

Brain Injuries Cause More Deaths in Women than Men, Says Study

Landmark Surgery Will See Disabled Boy’s Brain Rewired with Brother’s Stem Cells to Allow Him to Walk

Study: Nearly 2 Million Children in the US Suffer Sports-Related Concussions Every Year, Many Go Untreated

Breakthrough in Blast-related Brain Injures Reveals Microscopic Scarring

New Head-scanning Ultrasound Technology Could Help Diagnose Brain Injuries

Was Boxing to Blame for Parkinson’s Disease in Muhammad Ali?

Melbourne-based Firm Has Developed Drug Aimed at Preventing, Treating Concussion-related Brain Damage

Scientists Make Stunning Discovery on Strokes

VA Admits It Failed To Properly Diagnose 24,000 Vets With Traumatic Brain Injury

Obex Brain Injury Solution Put to Work in Liverpool Hospital

Stroke Victims Stem Cell Study Wows Researchers: Brain Damage Reversal Seen?

Flies May Help Us Understand Brain Injuries: Study

Brain Injury Victim’s Family Pushes for AMA to Pass Controversial New Stroke Treatment

Scientists Probe Traumatic Brain Injury Effects at Research Lab

Expanded Online Database on Aging, Dementia, and Traumatic Brain Injury

Harry Carson Comments on CTE, NFL Player Safety and More

Arkansas Babies Part of National Study

A Smart Home for Veterans with Brain Injuries

Kids Take Long to Recover from Brain Injury: Study

Louis Theroux Has Everyone Choked Up with ‘Heartbreaking’ Documentary A Different Brain

NFL Player Calls on League to Allow Marijuana Use for Sport’s Pains

Banned Performance-enhancing Drug Shows Promise for Babies

Near-Infrared Light Regenerates Damage From Traumatic Brain Injury, Latest of Five Studies Show

Another Study Links Playing in the NFL to Traumatic Brain Injury

Prince Harry, President Bush Hope to Change Perceptions of ‘Invisible Injuries’

Playground Injuries: Rate Of Kids Suffering Traumatic Brain Injury At The Playground Is Increasing, Study Finds

Scientists to Test a Cure for Permanent Brain Damage

Anemia Drug May Prevent Brain Damage in High-risk Newborns

Subconcussive Football Impacts Can Cause Changes in the Brain: UTSW Study

Chyna’s Brain to be Donated for Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Research

Head impacts from Season of High School Football Produce Measurable Change in Brain Cells

The Largest Study on Brain Trauma is Happening in Minnesota

Officials Cite Research as Key to Progress in PTSD, TBI Diagnosis, Treatment

Traumatic Brain Injury Pipeline Review, Market Growth, Segment, Trends and Forecast 2016 – 2020

University of Mississippi Events Provide Information on Traumatic Stress, Brain Injury

P.E.I. Workers Compensation Board Partners to Reduce Brain Injuries

UNG joins NCAA, Department of Defense concussion study

Pituitary Hormone Deficiencies Found in Veterans with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Medicortex Developing Diagnostic Tool for TBI and Stroke

NABIS Launches New Fellowship for Young Professionals

Is Football Worth the Risk?

Recovery May be Hampered by Commonly Used Drugs

NABIS to hold 2016 meeting in Tampa, Florida