Current Issue:   Volume 16, Issue 1: Key Consideration in the Management of Traumatic Brain Injury
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Disorders of Consciousness: An Update on Diagnosis and Treatment
Caroline Schnakers, PhD

Concussive Brain Injury: A Brief Primer for Healthcare Professionals
Nathan D. Zasler, MD, FAAPM&R, FACRM, BIM-C

Integrating Resilience-Building into the Neurorehabilitation Process
Brigid Waldron-Perrine, PhD,  Jean Neils-Strunjas, PhD, Diane Paul, PhD, Allison Clark, PhD,  Raksha Mudar, PhD, Kacey Maestas, PhD, Melissa Duff, PhD, Kathleen T. Bechtold, PhD

Post-acute Transitional Residential Rehabilitation and Changes in Decision-Making Capacity
Margaret Kroese, MSSW, Martin J. Waalkes, PhD, ABPP, CBIST

Life Care Planning – An International Perspective
Barbara Baptiste, MSc, CCRC, CLCP, Angela Kerr, RGN, MA

Pink Concussions: A New Non-Profit Addressing Sex and Gender Differences in the Brain Injury Community
Katherine Snedaker

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Previous Edition:  Volume 15, Issue 4: Cultural Issues in Brain Injury

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How Cultural Considerations Guide Service Delivery in the Brain Injury Specialty Program – a Saudi Perspective
Mohammad Hassan, MSc, OT, Sadia Misbach, BSc OT, MPH, Dakeel Abdulrahman Al Judaie, BSc, PT

The Influence of Filial Piety on Brain Injury Rehabilitation
Lanrong Chen, MMed • Yunhua Fang, MD, Chengyan Liu, MMed, Shanli Yang, MD

Outcome Indicators That Really Matter in Traumatic Brain Injury Multi-site Follow-up and Related Challenges: The CREACTIVE Endeavour, the European Model
Mikaella Kokkinou, MSc, PhD, Guido Bertolini, MD, Joanne Fleming, BA,  Fofi Constantinidou, PhD, CCC-S, CBIS, Andrea Montis, MD • Greta Carrara,  Theodoros Kyprianou, MD, PhD, EDIC

Tihei Mauri Ora: The Sneeze/Breath of Life
Ngawairongoa Herewin

Recovery in Culture: A Singapore Experience
Debbie Chow, SPD

Long-term Outcomes After TBI in the Best Country in the World to Live in – Why aren’t they better?
Marianne Løvstad,  Nada Andelic, MD, PhD, Solveig Lægreid Hauger, Ida M. H. Borgen,  Hilde Margrete Dahl, Silje Fure, Emilie Isager Howe, Cecilie Røe, MD

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